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More than 15 years of experience in the IT field

Who we are?

We shape our future ourselves.

Basically, we are lonely.

In reality, the team.

The team that is responsible for each member of their team.

Our mission

Making the world a better place for each individual. By creating a quality product, we help everyone who turns to us. This person in turn helps others. It doesn’t matter how many people we help.

It is important for us to fulfill everything at the highest level. Every year we see the number of happy people grow. Maybe someone will be happy by contacting the entrepreneur who placed the order with us.


A partner is one who understands that everything depends on him. If he does not think so, he is a hired employee who does not take responsibility and is waiting for instructions from his superiors. Each of us is a partner. Decisions are made only in consultation with others.


We form the second Semco.

Our goal is to improve the living conditions of each of our partners. Do this so that your partner understands why they live and what they want.

We will also be happy if our partner leaves this “black” business and opens his own bicycle trading company.

We will rent a bike to him when we visit his city. And let’s be glad he’s doing a job he loves.

We are professionals in website design.

We are designers, programmers, page layout creators, SEO-optimizers, marketing and advertising professionals.

We create advanced products, but we can also make individual parts.

We create only quality self-selling websites and services.

We provide the client with the richest range of tools to help their business grow.

We track the progress of sales and user behavior at all stages, so he has the opportunity to see how much profit he makes by working with us.

We are people who want to make their business profitable and successful and do it so that money is not the only reason for work.

We want freedom, so we are realizing it in this project.

Our concept

Free team – free people. That is our main idea.

A free man is not a slave. This is the person who is responsible for any of your actions. He knows what he is doing, even if he does nothing.

What we offer our customers?

We give customers the opportunity to choose their target audience, create loyalty programs, provide accurate conversion statistics.

They see what and how much has been spent.

They see what their income is.

Their activities are booming.

They are happy.

Why so high prices for page development?

The wide world gives you everything you ask for. If you think your time is worth a penny, you have a chance to realize that you are wrong.

We do not waste money, we give great tools to our customers. If the customer is not able to pay immediately, we have a loyal loan system. If the customer is stingy, he has the opportunity to choose websites at a lower price, but therefore his income will also differ. It’s like the law.

Our team

Dmitry Ivanov
Project manager

Bachelor of Programming Engineer (LLU)
Master of Management Information Systems (LU)

Jevgenijs Andrejevs
Project manager
SEO & Google Adwords specialist

Bachelor business management (LU)

Karina Dudinova Project coordinator

Bachelor’s degree in business and management (RTU)

We are looking for strong Partners / Companies for cooperation

If you represent any of the services we offer, we would be happy to establish a long-term and productive cooperation.


Varnu street 20, Riga

+371 28380151

[email protected]

Legal information

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Reg. Nr.: 43603045296

“Swedbank” AS, HABALV22

Bank account: LV76HABA0551030028006

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